Its time to get your bauballs out again!

11:39 am


Bored of your standard bauble? Then why not treat yourself to some festive bauballs? After all, testicle-shaped decor is all the rage this season. The bauballs are the brainchild of Albion London, on behalf of the Testicular Cancer Awareness Group (Cahonas Scotland, MCAC, Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation, Robin Cancer Trust, Mark Gorry Foundation and Testicular Cancer Society), who will be selling packs of four – Elf, Santa’s Sack (snigger), Rudolph and Snowman – to raise money for their cause. We’re sure your mum would love it if you started hanging genital-shaped baubles from the family Christmas tree, and at just £6 per pack, these handmade decorations are a bit…

Stars loosen up again in aid of Male Cancer Awareness

11:34 am

Johnny Depp cuddles up with 'blood brother' Keith Richards

Kylie, Robert Downey Jr, Susan Boyle, Keith Richards, Amy Macdonald and a host of the world’s best loved and well-known house-hold names from music, film, TV and sport have pledged their support to male cancer awareness, by donating their signed and worn ties and scarves, all to be auctioned as part of Cancer charity Cahonas Scotland’s eBay campaign. With men often “tongue tied” when discussing or dealing with male health issues the annual fundraiser and campaign aims to raise awareness and help bring positive change in Male Cancer Awareness. Going under the hammer items include a head scarf worn by Keith Richards on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, a…

Everyone else is interested in what’s under your kilt, are you?

8:54 am


Male Cancer Awareness Charity, Cahonas Scotland, have today launched a new campaign and website to highlight the importance of early detection of Testicular Cancer. The Tartan Checks campaign carrying the message ‘Everyone else is interested in what’s under your kilt, are you?’ aims to make people aware of the symptoms of Testicular Cancer and encourage them to visit their GP should they discover any irregularities. On launching the campaign, Cahonas Scotland founder and Chair said: ”Cahonas Scotland grew from the recognition that although male cancer awareness is slowly growing, there has been no real Scottish focus on Testicular Cancer awareness.  We hope that this campaign will get people talking about Testicular cancer,…

Cahonas Scotland amongst most ballsy cancer charities to be honoured at Zero Campaign launch in Belfast

2:50 pm


Cahonas Scotland, will be amongst 14 cancer charities from around the world, each of which has been hand selected for their hard work, awareness campaigns and inspiring impact, coming together to celebrate the launch of Male Cancer Awareness Campaign’s Zero Campaign in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Zero Campaign is designed to showcase the amazing results that Northern Ireland has achieved with zero deaths from testicular cancer for three years in a 10 year time frame. The Zero Campaign intends to encourage other countries to look at how they tackle and fight this disease. While the country has a small population, Belfast hospital are also tackling the disease slightly different by providing…